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Take a self-confessed fragrance junkie with a passion for one of the greatest cities in the world, introduce them to age-old artisan skills, unadulterated skin-loving ingredients and a zest for the best: and you have Soapsmith - founded by Samantha Jameson in 2012.

A born and bred Londoner, our founder Sam spent the next two years with her team of artisans perfecting traditional handcrafted soap-making methods and blending them up with all sorts of miraculous natural oils and evocative scents… the result was our signature soaps being bought fast off some of London’s most prestigious shelves (a pamperingly proud moment for Team Soapsmith). Then came our full signature collection inspired by London’s most characterful places with nine evocative scents – soon followed by nourishing body butter melts, fragrant lotions, blissful bath soaks and body washes - all brimming with exceptional ingredients and not a paraben in sight. We started to get what might be called a ‘cult following’, the beauty-press came a-calling and we started jumping on (and off) the shelves of Fenwicks, Whole Foods, QVC and other renowned and independent beauty retailers.

Today Soapsmith’s East London workshop pulsates with a busy team buzz of fearless fragrance lovers, natural ingredient explorers and skilled old-school artisans - a place where life is loved and pampering is paramount, where the highest grade essential oils fill the air and the richest shea & cocoa butters and plant oils take skin to new levels of softness. So feed your skin and senses and indulge in cult creations - a world of unadulterated beauty awaits.