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Soapsmith's range of handmade luxury soaps, body butter melts, bath soaks, body lotions and body washes includes 9 distinctive scents, each handcrafted to reflect the character and tradition of some of London's most famous areas.

Cake, Almond & a pinch of Spice

The use of the name Baker Street links the word 'baker' to products used in the bakery process such as oats, almond and honey. We have created a soap which smells as good as freshly baked cakes. The soap is a natural oaty beige colour.

Fresh Roses, Honeysuckle, Primrose & Peony

Bloomsbury is a heady bouquet of fresh English blooms, mixed together to re-create the smell of the flower beds in Bloomsbury Square gardens. The soap is a soft dusky pink colour.

Amber, Pepper & Sandalwood

In recent years Brick Lane has become a vibrant area with a reputation for fine spicy cuisine. When blending this scent, amber and pepper featured heavily along with sandalwood and other spices, all blended together to create an aromatic, mellow mix to evoke the senses. The soap is a rich brown colour.

Peppermint, Spearmint & Cedarwood

Green Park is one of the most pleasant royal parks in London and is a very lush, woody, earthy space. Hence the mint and cedarwood scents were a perfect combination for Green Park. The soap itself is mainly green in colour, with real mint leaves and a brown swirl throughout the bar to denote tree branches.

Lavender with a hint of Jasmine

Lavender Hill was so named due to the commercial production of lavender which took place pre-industrial era in that specific part of London. 18th century maps show large areas of farmland in SW11 used for lavender production. The soap is a gentle lavender colour.

Lime, Lemongrass & Litsea Cubeba

All soap ranges need one strong citrus scent amongst them, and Limehouse (as its name suggests) is exactly that, creating a fresh, zesty lemon and lime bar to revive the senses on those early mornings. The soap is a vibrant yellow green.

Coconut, Bergamot & a hint of Musk

As you wander through Camden Market on a balmy Sunday afternoon, your senses are assailed by the perfumed aroma of josticks, spices and fine exotic foods. Camden Town recreates this experience in its own seductive and distinctive style.

Vanilla, Tonka Bean & a hint of Orange

Marble Arch looks exactly like its name implies - a slab of dark brown, almost black marble, speckled with splashes of colour. Its striking appearance is reflected in its strong, sensual scent.

Traditional clean mix of Violets & Lilacs

In homage to the traditional cobbled streets of East London, Flower Sellers were aplenty! Each stall decorated with flowing blooms, many of which were Lilacs and Violet floral bouquets.